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Welcome to the Shattered Ring WorldEdit

Hidden in the darkened depths of London England the great Fargate awaits your transfer to the mysterious city of Victoria and the surrounding floating islands of the Shattered Ring World.

The Shatter Ring World is an alternative Universe designed as a combination of fantasy and steam punk mythos as setting for a Victorian Science Fantasy Role Playing.


Centered in the bustling Metropolis of Victoria the Shattered Ring World setting combines Fantasy, Mythos, Steam Punk and Sci-Fi. The Shattered Ring World game setting is designed to be generic as possible to be played with any game setting; the original design is with a d20 system; I have attempted to remove as much of the gaming system specifics as possible.

I originally started creating the setting in the late 1980’s, yes I can hardly believe it was that long ago to. It morphed from a strictly fantasy setting into montage of a variety of elements. After a running the setting for a few years in the early 1990’s the setting has set somewhat idle for years. Every now and again I picked up the Composition note book and added a few more thoughts. If only I had more time I kept telling myself. This year it is one of my resolutions to make time.

The setting has been used as a strictly Fantasy campaign and others have suggested I write a “book” about the stories I have created for the back story. With several composition notebooks full of writing I sure have enough detail. I think just getting my juices flowing by cleaning up my notes is a very good start.

GM Guide

A Game Masters GuideEdit

This is a campaign setting and throughout the Wiki I hope to be bringing some GM thoughts and designer notes which will be marked by a “GM GUIDE” on pages which will open up to a new page. Please be warned these are definitely a spoiler page.

In addition I have some story hooks that will be scattered throughout the WIKI found as “Hooks” some of which are on the GM Pages.

Legal NoticeEdit

The Shatter Ring World Intellectual Property [IP] is owned by Jeffrey M. Johnson and is offered here as free to use for non commercial personal use. 

Latest activityEdit

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